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These paintings represent commissions I have accepted.  I have asked the owners for permission to exhibit them on my web site.

Don Kathy
Title: Don at Golf Tournament Title:  Kathy
Medium:  Oil on canvas Medium:  Oil on canvas
Size:  16×20 Size: 16×20
This is my friend Don who commissioned me to paint this painting of him. This is Kathy who is a friend and High School classmate.  After painting Don he asked me to paint his wife.
Harvest Yellow Sweet Clover
Title:  Harvest Title:  Yellow Sweet Clover
Medium:  Oil on canvas Medium:  Oil on canvas
Size:  16×20 Size:  16×20
This painting was ordered by the Fiance of the farmer for a gift to him for Christmas.  I met them while  looking for harvest scenes to paint. This is a painting of a scene I found about 6 miles East of Council Bluffs.  This is hanging in the purchasers house however he gave me permission to have prints made.  If interested the prints are $75 each and you may order by going to the submit a request page.
Mia Deer Hunters
Title:  Mia Title;  Deer Hunters
Medium:  oil on canvas Medium:  oil on canvas
Size:  14×18 Size:  16×20
This is a painting of a friends grandchild.  My friend tells me she has the painting hanging in her bedroom so it is the first thing she sees in the morning  and the last thing she sees at night. This painting is of my friends son and his friend deer hunting in upper Michigan
Kenn's Orchid Dennis
Title: Kenn’s Orchid Title: Dennis
Medium:  Oil on canvas Medium:  Oil on canvas
Size:  16×20 Size:  14x 18
Kenn’s orchid is a beautiful plant sitting on his back patio of his home in Hawaii.  The painting is hanging in his home. A portrait of a good friend Dennis.
This is a painting of Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City during a homecoming game
Title:  COPPER Title: Homecoming
Medium:  Oil on Linen Medium: Oil on Linen
Size:  16 x 20 Size: 22×28
This is a painting of a friends hunting dog sitting outside the blind at dawn This is a painting of Kinnick Stadium during a Iowa homecoming game.
Painting: Threshing Oats  Painting:  threshing Oats
Medium:  Oil on Linen
Size:        24 x 30
This is a painting of an oat harvesting scene as recalled by the person who commissioned the painting.  This the way he recalled the threshing  done while growing up in Saskatchewan Canada.  Horse drawn hayracks and pitching the stooks after drying brought back fond memories.  This painting was a pleasure to paint and it was very interesting listening to the stories of playing around the oat stooks.  Owner displaying painting in his home.
Painting:  Roses” Children Painting:  Marilyn
Medium:  Oil on Linen Board Medium:  Oil on Linen Canvas
Size:  14 x 18 Size: 14 x 18
Description:  This is a painting of a friend and his brothers and sisters standing in the road in front of their farm in Iowa in the late 1940’s Description: This is a good friend Marilyn
Title:  Onnie Title:   Dex and Holly
Size:  16 x 20 Size:  16 x 20
Medium:  Oil on Linen Medium:  Oil on Linen Board
Description:  This is a painting of a Grand Lady who is the Matriarch of a family having a reunion in St. Charles Mo. Description:  This is a painting I painted for the Duck’s unlimited auction in Omaha.  The owner purchased the commission at the auction and the painting was completed recently of the owner’s two labs.



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